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2013-05-15 16:15

It’s been a week since we celebrated the end of re:publica with you all. Looking back, we can safely say: It was wonderful! By now our team has recovered from the exertions of the past weeks so we’d like to say another big thank you to all, who made this year’s re:publica happen.

2013-05-06 14:00


IN/SIDE/OUT – Here we go! We’re looking forward to three days packed with exciting sessions, wonderful speakers and guests, and, of course, sharing them with all of you! At almost exactly 10:30 this morning Andreas Gebhard, Johny Haeusler, Tanja Haeusler, and Markus Beckedahl opened the seventh re:publica for business.

2013-05-04 14:00

Those who have been to festivals and conferences like, c/o Pop, C’n’B, Advance Conference, Advance Hackathon, Advance Pitchingday and European Pirate Summit, know how diverse and exciting Cologne's creative scene is.

2013-05-02 18:45

So you want to access the rp13 programme conveniently on your smartphone, huh? Well, that should work – oh look, it has! There are now several apps, with which you can call-up the whole #rp13 agenda onto your mobile. Now it it’s just up to you to decide on which one.

2013-04-29 17:45

We all know the internet as a global village. We communicate with people across all borders and take daily expeditions right across the globe. What would be more appropriate than to make the internationality of the web visible at re:publica? In co-operation with Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, we once again invite you to special reception for embassy members from across the world.