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#rp13 Catering!

2013-04-29 14:30

With only one week to go, the countdown to re:publica is ticking down fast while pulses and excitement are on the rise! To top it all off, today we’d like to whet your literal appetites with great foods and drinks!

As in last year, during the three days of re:publica you can cater to all of your vital needs in our #rp13 purpose built re:staurant, as well as at various snack stations, or at the re:fill bar. As we all know, hunger has caused many a conference participant to hit the proverbial wall so let’s not even risk it. Care for a quick foretaste of what’s to come?


  • Risotto with spring vegetables (kohlrabi, sugar snaps, baby carrots, asparagus), rocket salad, and parmesan
  • Penne rigate with crayfish tails in crabmeat cream sauce
  • Meatballs in a leek and capers white sauce, served with baby carrot and potato mash

And that is just a selection of the upcoming menu. The re:staurant at the STATION-Berlin will be serving a wide selection – all at reasonable prices, of course!

*Photo CC-BY 2.0 by specialoperations