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#rp13 meets brand eins: The web as a learning machine & rethinking capitalism

2013-03-27 11:30

Is it possible to have both: capitalism and morality? How exactly do digital systems make the world more efficient? Both questions are potent enough to fill a whole re:publica programme by themselves. That’s why we have the business magazine “brand eins” as our co-pilot at our side in order to help steer us towards islands of knowledge – through talks and interviews.

Wolf Lotter is a co-founder of brand eins and is highly regarded by his readers for his extraordinary essays, which highlight the transformation of the old industrial society to the new knowledge society. In his #rp13 talk, Lotter won’t be ringing the death knell of capitalism. In fact he’ll sketch out how it can be saved through re-inventing it into an economic order which meshes with civil society in the 21st century and repositions the citizen back into the centre. “re:claim capitalism” is the battle cry! We are looking forward to Wolf Lotter’s well-founded analyses, bold theses, and that the whole business with capitalism will finally be solved once and for all. Oh wait…

The brand eins interview stream

All things inefficient will be made so! In the digital world, this rule was established when the internet stared storing information and distributing it globally. Yet the web and its countless search results are limited. If we really want to make world knowledge available for all people, and furthermore store “know-how” as well as “knowledge”, we should think about how to make it happen: The web as a learning machine!

brand eins technology correspondent Thomas Ramge will be on stage and use compact 15 minute interviews in his search for answers among guests from various disciplines:

Anja Ebersbach (Wikimedia), Wolf Lotter (brand eins), Gunther Dueck (Omnisophie), Jürgen Erbeldinger (EE-Consultants) and Christoph Meinel (Hasso-Plattner-Institut).

*Photo BY by Sarah-Esther Paulus