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#rp13 speaker: Manouchehr Shamsrizi - The beauty of opportunity

2013-04-04 14:00

Bounties on arms dealers, concrete shells on nuclear reactors - the Centre for Political Beauty (Zentrum für Politische Schönheit) aims to not only make the world a better place but also a more aesthetic one.  As opposed to many others, the Centre's main focus isn't on the three big C's: career, cash, children. But what else is there to do, you ask? Well for one thing: THINK BIG!

Manouchehr Shamsrizi and the Centre for Political Beauty are engaged in the high art of ethically correct grand visions: for example, preventing genocides! However, having decided against the usually associated routes within international development, politics, or science their strategy is direct action art. In this, Shamsrizi has taken on the role of dramaturge. His think-tank for " moral beauty, political poetry, and human magnanimity" personifies the trinity of though, action, effect.

He is involved where ever improvements in political circumstances need a helping hand or have ways to go. He was a Global Justice Fellow at Yale University, a programme which brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholarship holders with the aim of transforming morality into a formative factor in foreign policy and rethinking traditional institutional arrangements, as well as a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts, a platform for critical thinking and new ideas in the arts and its affects on society.

Knowledge as the basis for one's capacity to act within the "Atopia (a society without territorial boundaries) of the web", is the theme of his talk at re:publica. Manouchehr will present his vision of the digitally connected tomorrow and how we can gracefully move within it - and not be walking on glass as we tend to currently.