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#rp13 speaker: Mitchell Baker - Building a web we can trust

2013-04-10 12:00

It’s 2013 and Mozilla is celebrating its 15th birthday! Born out of the mind-set that only an open internet is a good internet, the Mozilla Foundation has continued to enrich our lives on the web through software products such as Firefox and Thunderbird. Mitchell Baker, chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, was there from the start and is today she is considered one of the most influential activists for open web-standards and internet security.

“An open internet is our best chance to secure social and economic participation in society for all people”, according to Mitchell Baker. But it is precisely this web openness which is in danger and needs to be continually defended. Can and should businesses be able to monitor all of our online activity, store its data, and finally turn it into profit? What possibilities as web users do we have to defend ourselves? Whom does the data belong to, which we generate day after day? It is these type of questions which drive Mitchell Baker and which she will be addressing at re:publica.

As the processing powers of computers, mobile devices, and the capacities of data analyses increase, the more important it has become to offer real alternatives through innovative technologies and software products. Mitchell Baker and Mozilla see this as their first task. They want to enable what they call “user sovereignty” for us. This is achieved through the global Open-Source community, a community which understands that, in the future, we will still require technological tools, which secure the independent use of the internet. “The coming 15 years will offer similarly significant opportunities and dangers as the past 15 years have”, Mitchell Baker believes. How we will face up to these impending challenges is up to us and will be discussed at #rp13.

We are tremendously happy to once again be able to welcome Mitchell Baker to re:publica and are looking forward to what kind of homework on an open and secure internet she will set for us.