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#rp13: There's no business like show: business

2013-04-24 15:45

 “Active citizen” is a buzzword found in political education. Active means that “the citizen” has knowledge of or is informed on politics. Their knowledge-base includes systemic politics, international politics, society, AS WELL AS the economy. It is precisely here that we would like to help out.

We have curated a “fresh” business track, which will take place during all three re:publica days and will look at “resource allocation” from a totally different perspective. Here you’ll find more in-depth information on the programme, as well as several highlights from our business sessions: 

Catherine Barba’s 10 Tips to grow your positive entrepreneurial energy

Catherine Barba is a pioneer of digital business in France. As an expert in start-ups, entrepreneurship, sponsoring and digital distribution, and in her own original, targeted, and passionate way she will reveal tips and tricks, based on her experience, on how businesses can implement digital tools sensibly and, most importantly, profitably for customers.

Impact Economy

“Impact Investing” is all about investing money with a clear conscience. This type of investment can be seen as an attempt in creating a paradigm shift towards a “sustainable capitalism”. This year, re:publica will examine this phenomenon by initiating a panel, featuring various experts, which will look at the background and strategies behind it as well as how “social entrepreneurship” can challenge the classic economic and business models of our time: “A new era of social entrepreneurship?

get re:ady!

We are bundling all of our events on business start-up-specific topics and creative entrepreneurship under the label get re:ady! From “business newbies”, with their very first business ideas, to experienced businessmen and women, to venture capitalists: all of these groups come together at re:publica and you can capitalise on it – through personal conversations, chances to pitch ideas, recruiting, proof of concept, and market positioning in a young, vibrant, and interested target audience.

DIY-Days at #rp13

If there is one thing that the business world will always need it is new and creative businessmen and women, who have the willpower to build something from scratch. The DIY-Days offer the opportunity to come into contact creative minds. Learn-Build-Share, is the motto of DIY-Days. Develop ideas and resources, and inspire one another – all that, and more, should be possible. Join-in with the 2-day workshop at re:publica.

Finanzblog Award 2013

Because it can all get a bit complicated figuring out financial flows, Euro bonds, and taming turbo-capitalism our partner, comdirect bank, will be awarding a prize to the best finance blogs. You can’t criticise it if you don’t understand it! For the now second time, the award will be presented during the course of re:publica.

Start-Ups in Asia and Afrika at the Global Innovation Lounge

Innovation centres are spreading across the whole African continent and playing an increasingly important role in the continual growth of African technology and business scenes. We wanted to get to know them personally so we invited several hubs from Africa, Asia, and South America to re:publica in order to discuss their experiences in promoting technologies, business innovations, and community building. You can get an overview over the more than two dozen related session in the session schedule.

Frismakers at #rp13

300 seconds. That’s how long you have during a Friskmakers presentation to introduce an inspiring project. The Neatherlands-based innovation platform will be represented at #rp13 and supports knowledge-exchange and networking between businesses.

On Monday, businesses will have the opportunity to present and exciting project during re:publica. With your Frismakers presentations – 300 seconds on 5 slides – you can present your projects in the fields of innovation, marketing, communication, or human resources, receive direct feedback, and make new contacts. Furthermore, come and check out the newthinking booth for advice on how to best present your projects in 300 seconds. A skill that is useful not only in the business environment. 

Wolf Lotter and the “brand eins” interview stream

Capitalism and morality – can we have both? And how do digital systems make the world more efficient? These questions will be addressed by “brand eins” co-founder and essayist Wolf Lotter in a short presentation at re:publica, where the transformation of the old industrial society to the new knowledge-based society will take centre-stage.  

Further session the category business & innovation can be found in the session schedule.