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2013-03-14 17:30

Where would we be - technology-wise - if it weren’t for the porn industry? The industry is known for being particularly inventive and happy to experiment, even before the advent of the internet. There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to promoting innovative technologies, the porn industry is counted among the rank of web pioneers. But what sold like hotcakes yesterday may already tomorrow be stuck in crisis.

2013-03-13 15:30

What drives people to the fringes of society? Is it their unusually, sometimes irrational interests? What would happen if these interests suddenly became of value to society’s majority? Lisa Ma deals with these questions. She is a speculative designer with a passion for fringe groups and develops unusual and provoking aid projects.

2013-03-11 13:30

 “A woman’s free speech is the mini-skirt of the internet”, says British author and blogger Laurie Penny. As soon as she uses the structures of the web to engage in themes and topics she, like many other female publishers, is confronted by online misogyny. She has clearly experienced that some would prefer her to be gaged and silenced. However, today she is one of the most vocal voices in her country.

2013-03-08 13:30

Only eight more weeks until the doors of the STATION-Berlin open to re:publica. There’s still plenty to do until then which is why we need your help! re:publica lives through your ideas and your participation as well as through your physical support in making it happen. So, volunteers at the ready!

2013-03-07 15:00

A quick Tweet featuring geo coordinates here, a check-in with Foursqaure there. These days, most people on-the-go are trailed by virtual tracks. Researchers such as Mark Graham, expert on data visualisation, use this virtual geo data to re-measure and re-interpret the world around us.

2013-03-01 13:45

HERE WE GO! We’ve done. The long wait has finally come to an end but seeing as so many of you – around 530 – submitted such great suggestions, we had to make sure we were thorough. With the amount of submissions we could have easily filled a whole week’s worth of programme. Thus, the evaluation was nothing if not difficult.

2013-02-27 16:15

For those affected with the colour vision defect achromatopsia, life is usually experienced without the sensation of colour. Despite his condition, Neil Harbisson found a way to integrate the world’s colour spectrum into his daily life. A specially developed head-mounted camera translates colours into sounds. Beyond that, it has also changed his identity. Together with choreographer Moon Ribas, he has since fought for cyborg rights.

2013-02-22 12:00

Hey! To all established and budding entrepreneurs in Berlin! You might want to start marking down the days in your smartphones because re:publica is only 10 weeks away and this year everything will bigger, faster and better. That’s why here another reminder that we will once again be featuring our Start-up Area, which will offer everything you need for your success!

2013-02-20 13:30

We are happy to announce that this year, the ICT Industry & Services Sector Group will be representing the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) at re:publica. The Enterprise Europe Network is a European Commission initiated network which brings together business and science, co-operation and knowledge exchange. Especially small and medium sized businesses are supported, networked, and advised.

2013-02-19 12:30

Are you up for a week of world music, film festival, conference, sales and award show all rolled into one? Up for networking with people from across the globe in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere? Then it’s about time for you to get yourself a Welsh guidebook because the next WOMEX – the World Music Expo – is taking place 23 – 27 October 2013 in Cardiff, Wales.