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upper row f.r.t.l.: Felix Höffken, Johnny Haeusler, Katharina Meyer, Markus Beckedahl, Mischa Geiger, Sandra Mamitzsch, Tanja Haeusler  Anna-Lena König, Gustaf Götlund, Andreas Gebhard
bottom row f.r.t.l.: Pia Kohn, Carien de Heus, Matthias Marx, Michael Graudenz, Nico Berge, Wiebke Herger

Team of Founders

Tanja Haeusler is co-founder of re:publica, chief executive at Spreeblick Verlag KG and co-author of the book “Netzgemüse”. Since 2007, she has helped steer the image, atmosphere and tone of re:publica. 

Mail: tanja at

Markus Beckedahl is co-founder of newthinking communications GmbH and consults our customers on various areas of the digital society and online strategies. Since 2002, he continues to blog on topics of politics in the digital society at As Public-Project-Lead of Creative Commons Germany, he is responsible for the public relations work of open copyright-licences and campaigns for internet freedoms as chairman of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.

Mail: markus at / Twitter: @netzpolitik

Andreas Gebhard is co-founder of re:publica and since 2012, chief executive of republica GmbH. He is particularly focused on internationalising the event. He is also founder and chief executive of newthinking communications GmbH and has for over ten years used these and other capacities to campaign for Open Source processes and strategies in society and business. In his free time, he is an enthusiastic member of the executive board of Tennis Borussia Berlin
Mail: andreas at / Twitter: @suffar

Johnny Haeusler is co-founder of re:publica, founder of, co-author of the book "Netzgemüse", and singer and guitarist in "Plan B". Since the start of re:publica, he has been equally engaged in the cultur-side of the event programme as well as the visual presentation of the conference.

Mail: johnny at / Twitter: @spreeblick


Project Management

Wiebke Herger is, for the second time, in charge of steering the re:publica ship through digital and analog storms towards the merry month of May. She loves the various facettes of her work, being able to learn something new each day, and being surrounded by an amazing team. Her rallying cry: set up a professional event, but don’t kill the craic – and never forget where you’re coming from!

Mail: wiebke at



Sandra Mamitzsch is, for the second time now, part of the re:publica event programme team. For #rp13, she has taken over the programme co-ordination and is working towards being able to welcome many inspiring people onto, and from, the stage at STATION. 

Mail: sandra at

Katharina Meyer supports the programme team in various capacities. Since October, she is a M.A. in Culur and Media Management but prefers to her former self as B.A. in Engineering and Cultural History. She’s always liked the word “net-art” and has migrated from the mainstay of art to the net with increasing enthusiasm. The internet is her pony, the world is her horse.

Mail: programme at / Twitter: @KthrnMeyer



Since re:publica’s move to STATION-Berlin, Nico Berge has been on board as event manager and will once again face the daunting task of tranforming the 20.000sqm station into a suitable event venue for our unique conference. On location, he will be co-ordinating several productions and traveling several kilometers on foot.

Mail: nico at

As re:member, Sylvia Tomala again this year be in charge of everything surrounding our speakers: accommodation, travel, and the large amounts of accreditation of our speakers – as well as all of the other fun surprises which can befall a conference.

Mail: travel at

Michael Graudenz will, for the fourth time, be co-ordinating the various technical elements of re:publica. From audio to lights and video to streaming and rigging - #rp13’s analogue and digital cables run intertwined. In his life in the offline world he is a music passionate button turner and string-puller-

Mail: michael at

Lisa Ahrendt has been with us since January 2013 and, as an intern, has been energetically supporting the events department of the re:publica Team. She studied exhibition conference and event management at Karlhochschule and attended the San Diego State University for a semester.

Mail: lisa at


Partner Management

As the saying goes “no money, no fun” which is why for the last three years it has been up to Pia Kohn to find partners and sponsors for re:publica. As Head of Sponsoring, she is in charge that enough funds are collected in order to set up our event. Not an easy job by far. Yet Pia has uses her unbridled energy, her charm, and a dash of humour to get partner on board.

Mail: pia at

Carien de Heus has been with us since December and is new to re:publica. As international co-ordinator, she is in charge of the international direction of re:publica. She is the contact person for all international re:pubica participants. She studied production design at TU Delft and in October came to Berlin as participant in the HPI School of Design Thinking.

Mail: carien at


Editorial Desk

Matthias Marx joined re:publica in December. As editor, he is in charge of the re:publica blog, with all its news and infos on #rp13. He also produces some of the video material for re:publica and deals with press and interview requests.

Mail: matthias at / Twitter: @marxcamp

Anna-Lena König is project manager at newthinking communications and, since February 2012, in charge of community management at re:publica. She’s your source of updates in 140 characters and, along with Twitter, maintains re:publica’s presence on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Xing. Anna-Lena studied event, trade show, and conference management at Karlshochschule and at Vancouver Island University and has lived in Berlin (and the internet) for a while now.

Mail: anna-lena at / Twitter: @blog_bleistift



Since November 2012, Mischa Geiger has supported the team of Drupal developers at newthinking and the implementation and matainance of the conference organisation systems and heads the technical side of the re:publica website.

Mail: it at

Felix Höffken has been at newthinking since mid-October and as an intern supports the development of the new re:publica website. He studied informatics at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Mail: it at