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Boosting Creative Entrepreneurship in NYC, Berlin and Amsterdam

business & innovation
6 Mai 17:15 - 18:15
60 Minuten


The world craves new creative leaders. Challenge yourself to become one. LEARN what creative entrepreneurs in NYC find relevant, DO some good by designing wickedly creative futures in Berlin, and SHARE your talent with prototypers in Amsterdam.


We want to inspire creative leadership. Our vision is an entrepreneurial model that embraces volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity while augmenting efficacy, emergence and agility.

In this highly interactive and collaborative session Jörgen van der Sloot and Ele Jansen share insights generated throughout two open design sessions on "creative entrepreneurship." Prior to re:publica an eclectic group of thinkers, entrepreneurs, storytellers, visionaries and designers develops a solution addressing the needs identified by creatives in NYC and Berlin.

The results of the two-day [WS]Lab will be turned into reality in Amsterdam in the fall. But before it gets there, one last iteration on the design is taken with (drumroll): you! Expect to be actively involved and called upon in this session to share your thinking on the future of creativity and the role it can play in societies and democracies around the globe.