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[cancelled] European Libre Education workshop

research & education
7 Mai 18:45 - 19:45
60 Minuten


Due to unforseen circumstances this event had to be cancelled. Please accept sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Libre/Open Educational Resources (OER) and Free Software in Education make a lot of sense. Education, after all, is an art of sharing knowledge, and this sharing should not be restrained by copyright or other artificial constraints. There is a number of OER-related initiatiatives in Europe, including a Polish government-mandated programme for creating libre-licensed textbooks.

On this workshop I will summarize Polish experiences with OER and state of OER in Poland, and then move towards discussing other European OER-related experiences and projects with all participants. At the end of the workshop I hope to have a list of European OER-related initiatives and campaigning ideas created as a foundation for future cooperation of such initiatives.

As an introduction you may watch my talk at Chaos Communication Congress (29C3): "OMG! OER!"