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meshing berlin networking-networks/LABism vs. Lobbyism - quo vadis civic creativity?

8 Mai 10:00 - 11:00
60 Minuten


Situation-centered information relationships are playing the key role for the inevitable professionalisation process in the cross-sectional creative community building.


This discussion will refer in part to the ongoing gentrification discourse in Berlin. Here, with the help of specific examples, we will introduce the cross-sectional topic of civic creativity and the vital part it plays in the urban development and policy fields.

In our actual work we reflect which strategies lead us towards a more sustainable economic, ecological, and social reality beyond the short-term usability, lifestyles and mindsets. What kinds of tools are needed to organize the vivid dynamic of cultural Governance in the sense of a common knowledge sphere? For those participants with expertise who would like to workshop these issues further, we would like to invite you to an open space session.