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You Can Turn Off the Public Internet But You Can't Turn Off the Internet Public

politics & society
7 Mai 12:30 - 13:30
60 Minuten


It is estimated that within the next 10 years 80-90% of humanity will own a smart phone or similar device, and the technology they will be carrying, wearing, or even implanting will make the smart phones of today seem as antique as the first cellphones ever invented do now.
This inevitable trend has governments around the world conspiring with corporations to reign in the democratizing power of these devices and the networks they create either to maintain political power or to maximize profit. However, hyper-connected human beings around the world are beginning to organize and demand a human right to connect and to be connected without the fear of surveillance or consequence.

This emerging "Internet Public" has the potential of becoming the most powerful human force in history but only if its members not only demand more accountability from government and corporate actors but take personal responsibility for the way they use the technologies they are so quickly embracing.